Transmission Repair

Transmission-Repair-ServicesNot all transmission problems result in spending huge amounts of money on a rebuild. With the introduction of electronically controlled transmissions many shifting problems, slipping, harsh engagements can be corrected by first scanning the on-board computer for DTC’s, (diagnostic trouble codes) stored in the computer memory. These codes will assist the technician in determining if it is an electrical or hydraulic problem. If electrical most solenoids can be replaced in the chassis without pulling the transmission out of the vehicle.

Most importantly, a poor running engine getting a minor tune-up can make the transmission perform like new. These new electronic controlled units are highly sensitive to the proper running condition of the engine, proper voltage from the battery and good ground.

Automatic & Manual Transmission Repair Portland

In conclusion, not all transmission problems mean big $$$. Come by for a courteous and professional evaluation of your transmission needs.

  • Some problems can be a simple adjustment. A shift band or a TV cable out of adjustment can cause late or delayed shifts or even slipping.
  • Whether it’s a late model or early model car, many transmission issues are repaired externally, without needing to remove the transmission.
  • All transmission oil leaks with the exception of a few are easily resealed in the chassis.