I have a leak under the car and the fluid is red in color, what do I do?

The right amount of transmission fluid is important to the proper operation of the transmission. The fluid acts as a lubricant, carries away the heat and transmits power. Leaking or low fluid level can effect any one of the above mentioned items, and have an adverse effect on the proper function of the transmission. Upon detecting a leak, it is important that you have your vehicle inspected to determine the source of the leak.
Oregon Transmission Center’s highly trained technicians can do just that. Our vehicle inspection is 100% free. This service will not only identify the source of the leak but will determine how serious it is. Not all leaks are serious, while some leaks may result in a complete transmission failure. A free inspection by Oregon Transmission Center’s qualified technician is the best way to tell. Having a leak resealed as soon as it develops is the best policy.

My clutch feels loose and goes all the way to the floor when depressed.

This problem is commonly associated with a clutch master cylinder that may need servicing. Oregon Transmission Center is experienced in replacing this part and can have it finished quickly, often within the same day.

My car shudders when releasing the clutch.

This problem is indicative of a clutch that may need servicing or may need to be replaced. We suggest having this problem diagnosed as soon as possible.
On the way to work today, my car began to shift erratically, could it be my engine or transmission?
Sometimes, if the engine is not properly tuned, the vehicle may indicate a possible shifting problem. Because of the more complex electronic controlled transmissions of today, troubleshooting an erractic shifting behavior requires the expertise of highly trained & qualified technicians to determine a proper diagnosis. What may appear to be a serious problem, may turn out to be low fluid level, a cable adjustment, or an electronic solenoid malfunction.

Oregon Transmission Center will use the latest computer scanner equipment to diagnose & make the proper recommendation.

I went to back my car out of my driveway, and I discovered I had no reverse. What went wrong?

Don’t panic. Although a no reverse problem or hesitation in reverse is a symptom of a problem internally, there is more than one reason a vehicle can have no reverse, it may end up an external linkage or minor band adjustment can correct the problem.

Call Oregon Transmission Center & we will troubleshoot the symptom. You can be sure at Oregon Transmission Center our technicians will provide you with top notch service & the right evaluation.